Rent an apartment

If u don’t like staying in students dormitory, or looking for more privacy, you can start your experience of living off campus. It is not an easy job, but we can help In Sha’a Allah.

To ease your job follow the following procedure:

  • First you need to decide how much money you can pay as rent, the rent depends on the location, size, furniture, community, and whether the apartment is new or old. Regarding the place  if you are looking for a place near NCTU or NTHU (Guangfu Rd, Baoshan Rd, or Science Park area) it will be more expensive, but you don’t need to send a lot on transportation. here are some details:

  • Second step is to start reading those fliers or Ads Taiwanese stick to bulletins, you can see them every where on streets, you need to ask in convenient stores such as 7-11 and Family Mart, you need to ask your friends and ask them to ask their friends, its an advantage if you can speak Chinese, but if you don’t you can ask your classmates labmates or co-workers to help.
  • If you still can’t find a suitable apartment, you start surfing those websites that provide the service of advertising for renting apartments and houses, NOT AGENCIES web sites. You can try, for example.
  • Still cant find your apartment? the last choice is to start searching in some agencies websites. you need to be careful, not all their Ads are true, they try to attract you with some cheap prices and beautiful apartments so go visit them, then he will start showing you what he wants not what you want. so let going to an agent be the last choice.  on these websites you will find a lot of choices and for sure one at least will be suitable. when you find it call the agent make sure the apartment is available and let him call the landlord telling him that you are a foreigner, if you are, some landlords don’t accept foreigners. some agencies website:
  2. Justin
  3. More soon
  • Now and as you found your apartment you need to go see it, so go to the agent tell him that you want to go see the apartment, apartments look so different online. 
  • You saw it, you liked it, now you need to negotiate, you always negotiate in Taiwan, don’t ever accept the first price. make sure that he can’t down the rent more.
  • Ask about electricity, water gas, cable, and trash handling. try to get the least price, usually electricity is around 2.5-4.5 nt dollars per unit, water is almost free, cable should be on the landlord, trash and security is around 1000 nt dollars. 
  • now is the final step, signing the contract, make sure that one of your Taiwanese friends is there with you. you sign one year contract usually, you pay one or two months deposit which is refundable. take the keys make one more copy as spare and enjoy your new apartment.
Tip: try avoiding top floors and basements. Hot in summer Cold in winter and so humid in basements. more windows better. 


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