Nanliao fishing harbor – eat all kinds of seafood

Fresh fish, and seafood can be found in Nanliao fishing harbor, 30 minutes from hsinchu downtown by scooter, or a little bit more by bus.

How to get there:

  • If you are driving a scooter here is the map.
  • if you are using the public transportation (bus), you need to go to Hsinchu downtown, near SOGO you will find a bus stop, take bus number 15 (around 25 nt dollars), it will drop you in front of the harbor.

The harbor is a big building with two floors, in the first floor you can find a lot of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. Buy what you want and go to the second floor where you can find so many restaurants which are willing to cook your fish. one dish is around 100 nt dollars. make sure that they don’t use pig oil for cooking. or easily ask them to BBQ the fish. you can sit in the balcony enjoy the view while eating, or sit inside. After having your meal you can go out enjoy the traditional market or have a walk by the sea.

here are some photos.


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