Buying airplane tickets

It’s summer vacation time, many of us are thinking of going home see the family and friends, we all want this trip to be perfect and as cheap as possible, so I want to share my and some other friends experiences.

In Taiwan there are many travel agents, they are spread all over Taiwan, it doesn’t matter where you live, you still can buy from any agent. also you can find tickets online which are usually cheaper and easily customized.

Buying from an Agent:

To buy from an agent you need to collect as many agents numbers as you can, you can find their ads on the paper or search the net to find them, again, it doesn’t matter where the agency is as long as you have their email or phone number.

Before you contact any agent it’s better to search online for the best offer, you can use,, and many other well known sites. Check for the most suitable ticket, make sure about the carrier airlines, transit hours, luggage fees, taxes included or not, Halal meals, and for sure the price, make a list of the best five tickets you’v found. Stop here and don’t buy online, take all previous information and start calling agents. Its easier now for you to ask for the specific ticket you already found, if they could find you the same ticket then you negotiate with them about the price, since you already know the original price you can tell if they are trying to cheat you or not. Keep calling, and with little luck you can get what you want. of course they will get some extra money from you over the price you found online, but this profit should be reasonable.

Online tickets are much easier to find, customize, and buy. All you need is internet connection and a credit card. on the other hand some problems may happen. to as possible avoid any problems:

I only tried, and I was really happy with it, but that was my experience. My friend had a very bad experience with them due to system error on there server in the USA, they made his trip so difficult to him and his family.

  • Before you buy you need to make sure that all the information you entered to the system are all right, double and triple check.
  • Use your own credit card or one from a trusted friend.
  • Print the e-ticket and take it with you to the airport, also take the credit card you used to buy, if it was borrowed make a copy of it.

After all problems happen, even if you take care of everything  carefully.

If you have any suggestions or an experience you want to share you are welcome.


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