This Ramadan

We meet a lot of people in our life, some, we meet and forget, some, we meet get to know and forget, but some, we meet, know, love and never forget. Those who leave a bold print on our lives, who leave a smile on our faces whenever they talk, and make you think about them even when they are not there, are not easy to forget, they will always stay in our hearts and minds, we will always remember them. To know such a person is a gift from Allah SWT, a gift that we always should thank Allah for.

This Ramadan we got a lot of gifts, those who come join our Iftars in our small sized praying room, those who spend long times preparing and thinking how to serve their brothers and sisters, those who want to make everyone around them happy, are our gifts from Allah.

This Ramadan we knew brothers and sisters from all over the world, different cultures, races, education, and ages. one thing that we share put us all together in the same place, our great religion.

Alhamdu le Allah that HE gathered all of us together, let us feel that we are still among our families and beloved ones, and made us share this holy month together.

May Allah bless all of you, May Allah make your life full of success and joy.


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