Halal food in hsinchu

Don’t have enough time to cook at home? can’t find halal food restaurants? here are some places where you can find Halal food.

Indonesian Restaurant.

a restaurant that sells halal food, but you need to make sure when you get there. you can find praying carpets and quran frames on the wall there. please ask before you eat.

night matket

under the bridge on guangfu Rd. the guy there speaks english he is from singapore, his wife speaks english too, she is from taiwan, make sure before you eat, ask about food.


japanese style restaurant, make sure that you order seafoad or beef, if beef ask where its coming from, if its coming from a christian country then its up to you if you want to eat it .

indian restaurant 1

sell halal food on the same street of tepanyaki, not sure about the exact address. but not far from tepanyaki.

indian restaurant 2 – Indian Cuisine-

sells halal food. not all food there is halal, so ask.


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