Fajar Prayer: Importance and Tips

Subhanallah. We in the west live in so much luxury and ease compared to so many other Muslims around the world, that are suffering each day. Yet they’ll always maintain faith and wake up each morning, 5 times a day to the Call of Prayer.

I know myself included, but a lot of Muslims who live a “easier” life should reflect and think about the blessings we’ve been given. We can perform our duties in much easier conditions, so why are we being lazy and neglecting? Lets look the importance of our prayers from Quran and Haddit:

 In the Qur’an, Allah Most High says:

“So establish the Prayer after the declining of the sun [from its zenith, for Dhuhr and then Asr] to the dusk of night [Maghrib and then ‘Isha] and the [Quranic]recitation of Fajr [prayer]. Indeed, the [Quranic] recitation of Fajr is witnessed.” [al-Quran 17:78]

The meaning of witnessed here means that both the angels of [previous] night and the angels of the [new] morning intently listen to the Fajr prayer being recited aloud because of its great status and virtue. [al-Suyuti, Tafsir al-Jalalayn]

The Messenger of Allah (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) has said:
“Whoever performs the Prayer before the rising of the sun [Fajr] and before its setting [‘Asr], will not enter the Hell.” [Muslim]

and   “Whoever prays the two cooler prayer times (i.e., Fajr and `Asr) will enter Paradise.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Ibn ‘Allan comments on that Fajr and ‘Asr were specified since they are two times when one can easily miss the prayer: whether they are lost in sleep during Fajr, or engrossed in trade and work at ‘Asr. It is understood that the one who prays these two, usually prays all five daily prayers.

Finally, the reward mentioned in the hadith indicates that the one who regularly prays Fajr and ‘Asr can be expected to have a good ending to their life: that they die upon faith as a Muslim. Which of us would not be eager to rise for the Fajr prayer if we truly understood the benefits: a death on faith and eternal success? [Ibn ‘Allan, Dalil al-Faliheen]

If a person wakes up for Fajr late:

If a person is late for any prayer particularly Fajr then they should pray it as soon as they can even if they can see the light outside. As long as one makes utmost effort to pray every prayer on time particularly fajr then that is what counts but one should be careful to ensure one does everything possible to be able to pray every prayer at its appointed time and not delay it for no valid reason.

Sometimes a person may wake up late for fajr even though one tried their best to wake up on time and for that one should ask Allah to pardon them and they will find Allah most merciful. But there are always steps we can take to ensure we never pray Fajr late nor miss it.

Here are some tips for praying Fajr prayer on time:

1. Try to sleep as early as possible if you do not need to do anything imortant after Isha Salaah because the earlier you sleep the easier it will be to wake up for Fajr

2. Try not to have any heavy meals in the evening as this will make it harder for you to wake up for Fajr

3. Try to encourage your family to also wake up for Fajr and tell them of the importance of Salaah as well as the fact that it is the purpose of our creation. If your family wakes up for Fajr then it will also be easier for you as they would also wake you up. If one or two of your family members do wake up for Fajr then tell them to also wake you up.

4. Make firm intention in your heart that you will wake up for Fajr no matter what and ask of Allah in your dua to make it easy for you to wake up for Fajr prayer.

5. Put on two or even three alarms and put them on 5 minutes apart and put them in places in your room where you know it will be a struggle getting to them. This way you will have to be wide awake to get to the alarms. As there will be three of them this will prevent you going back to bed again.

6. Most importantly when you awaken for Fajr then do NOT say to yourself i’ll lay for a bit and then get up. This is the biggest trick of shaythan to make us fall asleep and miss Fajr prayer. As soon as the eyes are open then go straight to the bathroom.

Dear brothers,

We will start Praying Fajr at MSC praying room from Saturday (May 12th); prayer will start at 5:00 a.m. at most. After prayer we can have a very short activity (jogging, basketball, walking, or even eating breakfast together). There is no better way to start your day. Get close to Allah and pray your Fajr on time. 

May Allah bless all of you.

source :[http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/showthread.php?84167-Tips-to-wake-up-for-Fajr]


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