Halal food in Welcome supermarket

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Eid Al Adha activities-2013

Al Salam Alaykom
Dear Brothers and Sisters
We are pleased to invite you to our Eid Al Adha activities:
1- Eid Prayer which will be held on Oct 15th at 7:00AM in National Chiao Tung university (NCTU) basketball field. If it rains, the prayer will be in MSC prayer room located in B1, dorm 13, NCTU.
2- Eid al Adha formal party which will be held  on Oct 17th at 6:00PM in the international conference hall, the basement of NCTU Library. The party will contain official speeches by NCTU president and NCTU international affairs, presentations, talks about Islam and Banquet.

If any change happens, we will announce it by all available means.
Your attendance is valuable and important to Muslims in Taiwan.
We welcome every one to join us, help us and advi

se us.

Thank you

MSC committee