Hsinchu Important places

In this post we provide you with some important places that you might need to go to if you’r living in hsinchu, hopefully, it find its way to ease your life. Read more of this post

Driving in Taiwan – Hsinchu


 Transportation in Hsinchu is a little more difficult than in other big cities like Taipei, there is no MRT, buses are not available all of time, train station shuts down after 11:00 p.m.,and taxis are expensive.   Therefore, scooters solve a big problem in Hsinchu, they save time and money, and they are really useful when we need to move late at night.

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Pray In Hsinchu

Live in Hsinchu and dont have enough time to go pray Juma’a in Taipei?

Want to have Iftar (breakfast) with your brothers in Ramadhan? Read more