Eid Al Adha activities-2013

Al Salam Alaykom
Dear Brothers and Sisters
We are pleased to invite you to our Eid Al Adha activities:
1- Eid Prayer which will be held on Oct 15th at 7:00AM in National Chiao Tung university (NCTU) basketball field. If it rains, the prayer will be in MSC prayer room located in B1, dorm 13, NCTU.
2- Eid al Adha formal party which will be held  on Oct 17th at 6:00PM in the international conference hall, the basement of NCTU Library. The party will contain official speeches by NCTU president and NCTU international affairs, presentations, talks about Islam and Banquet.

If any change happens, we will announce it by all available means.
Your attendance is valuable and important to Muslims in Taiwan.
We welcome every one to join us, help us and advi

se us.

Thank you

MSC committee

First step towards quitting bad habits……

Letting go of bad habits before they become destructive!
You don’t have to go to school to understand that bad habits are harmful to you in one way or the other.  The difference between Muslims and other people when it comes to bad habits is that we have one extra reason to stop our bad habits: Continue reading “First step towards quitting bad habits……”

Have You Prepared for the Hour?

All of us are familiar with the signs of the Day of Judgment.  They are mentioned in numerous hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him).  However, there is another “hour” that is just as important, on an individual level.  This hour is described in the following hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him):  A bedouin came to the Prophet and asked him, “When is the Hour?”  The Prophet pointed to a young boy and said, “If this boy lives, by the time he is old and decrepit, your hour would have already taken place.”  Continue reading “Have You Prepared for the Hour?”

ISlam the Easy Way!

One of the terms used by the Qur’an during the early Makkan period to describe Islam was Al-Yusraa, or ‘The Easy Way’. This is simply because Islam was, and is the natural way of life. Indeed, whatever is natural for human beings should be easy for them in every way, hence cause them to gravitate towards it easily, and consequently bring harmony, peace and tranquility to their lives. Since the Quran is the book upon which the Islamic way of life is built, then the Quran has to be easy to understand and follow-it is ‘The Easy Way’. Continue reading “ISlam the Easy Way!”

Mother in Islam

Amongst the clearest examples of Islam’s honoring women is the great status of the mother in Islam. Islam commands kindness, respect and obedience to parents and specifically emphasizes and gives preference to the mother as shall be shown in this article. Islam raises parents to a status greater than that found in any other religion or ideology. The command to be good to one’s parents begins right from the Qur’an. Allah says: Continue reading “Mother in Islam”

Fajar Prayer: Importance and Tips

Subhanallah. We in the west live in so much luxury and ease compared to so many other Muslims around the world, that are suffering each day. Yet they’ll always maintain faith and wake up each morning, 5 times a day to the Call of Prayer.

I know myself included, but a lot of Muslims who live a “easier” life should reflect and think about the blessings we’ve been given. We can perform our duties in much easier conditions, so why are we being lazy and neglecting? Lets look the importance of our prayers from Quran and Haddit:

 In the Qur’an, Allah Most High says: Continue reading “Fajar Prayer: Importance and Tips”