Who we are and what we do

Muslim Students Club (MSC) is a body for Muslim students in National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

It was established to enable Muslim students from diverse cultures to get together, share their ideas, carry out various activities and welcome new members.

We have a prayer room in National Chiao Tung university, Dorm 13, in the basement.
We gather every Friday at 12:20pm and pray Jomo’a. We gather also in Ramadan nights around 8:00pm to pray Taraweeh.

We also have Jamaa’h for all the 5 daily prayers Alhamdullilah !

We welcome every one to join us. We are also happy to help you find Halal food, find accommodation and things you need in Hsinchu.

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Please check our Facebook group page for the latest updates.

If you are in Hsinchu, you are welcome to join us for Salaah.