In order to ease your experience living in Taiwan, in Hsinchu specifically, we create this page to help out the new arrivals in addition to our brothers who already live in the North-East area. We hope that the information we post and share is helpful.

Please help us to improve our new page with your highly valuable feedback.

Contact us: mschsinchu@gmail.com


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  1. Selamu alejkum, I am Elma, from Croatia, Europe. This year, Fall 2011. I will become a GMBA student at NCTU. May I kindly ask you to help me with some information – praying places, especially for Ramadan, how to become your member.
    I invite you to visit web page of our student muslim organization, but it is in Croatian language 🙂

    I really appreciate.

    Selamu alejkum

    1. Wa alikom Assalam sister,
      Regarding the praying places in Hsinchu (city where NCTU is located), there is one public praying place here which is the praying room for Muslim Students Club (MSC),
      there are mosques in other cities, but unfortunately not in Hsinchu.
      the praying room is open to everyone not only students, to join our club you need to do nothing just come join us in our activities.
      in ramadan we will have some activities, you are more than welcome to join us.
      If you need any help please don’t hesitate to tell us.

      welcome again, and wish you all the best.


  2. Selamu alejkum,

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    May I kindly ask you to send me on my e-mail elma.ramic@gmail.com activities plan for this Ramadan and praying time for Taraweeh.

    My husband and me will be in Hsinchu in 15 days, and if the Club is opened it will be our pleasure to come and see all of you.

    Kind regards

  3. My name is Aamir Jamil and my company Altanova Corporation located in USA is looking for a Field Support Engineer / Technician in Hsinchu Taiwan. Candidates who would like to be placed in Taiwan please send their resume. Requirements are:
    1. Fundamental technical and functional knowledge in electronic circuits and need to know how to read schematics.
    2. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) debugging, problem solving, planning and analytical skills
    3. Strong oral and written English communication skills.
    4. Experience with PCB design and manufacturing is preferred.
    5. Experience with IC Test Sockets is preferred
    6. Experience with IC testing is preferred.

    Altanova Corporation design and manufacturers Test interface hardware for the IC test, for more info go to http://www.altanova1.com. Most of our hardware being used in Taiwan and we are looking for a technical person who can help our customers for any technical issues and provide on site help. It will be a full time position.

  4. Hello
    Mahmoud and I am a Muslim
    And now I live in Iran
    I soon will travel to Taiwan
    Buddhists who want to become a Muslim woman
    I get married soon
    You can help me
    Where and in what place I got married in Taiwan should
    If you can help me
    thank you

  5. Assalamu’alaikum

    Dear Muslim Students Club in National Chiao Tung University,

    Greetings Silaturrahiim we say for you and all muslim in Taiwan. May Allah always bless you.

    Through this message, we inform you that in our country will be held a big event called International Muslim Students Summit (IMSS) 2012 on July 2012 in our campus (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia. In IMSS, there is ‘International Conference’ which discuss about solving islamic problems that occured in the worlds, especially in the life of Muslim Ummah. And we (the committee) invite you to participate in this event, that Insha Allah gives the benefits for All Muslims in the world.

    The proposal and formal invitation letter are attached on this message. If there’s any question about this event, you can ask trough my message or our email internationalconference@imss2012.com
    Hopefully, we’re waiting for your response about this event, so we can take action for next step. For detail information, you can check our Website: http://www.imss2012.com or gamais.itb.ac.id and Twitter: @imss_2012

    Akhirul Kalam, we apologize for any shortcoming, because the mistake comes for human, and the truth always comes from Allah.
    Once again, may Allah always bless you.


    Raosan Fikri Lillahi
    Student of Bandung Institute of Tehnology (ITB),
    Member of Islamic Students Family (Gamais),
    Committee of International Muslim Students Summit 2012

  6. Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters in Hsinchu,
    I am Kazi Deluwar Ahmed a Muslim from Bangladesh.Insha Allah, I will be participating in an international congress in Zhunan,Miaoli from 17th July to 21st July,2013. I will be staying at Lakeshore Hotel Hsinchu. Please give me your location where I can come to pray Taraweeh and where I can buy halal food.
    Please send me an email at. sohagchina@gmail.com

    1. WAS brother Kazi,

      Muslim Students Club (MSC) is a body for Muslim students in National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

      It was established to enable Muslim students from diverse cultures to get together, share their ideas, carry out various activities and welcome new members. We have a prayer room in National Chiao Tung university, Dorm 13, in the basement. We gather every Friday at 12:30pm and pray Jomo’a. We gather also in Ramadan nights around 8:00pm to pray Taraweeh.

      We welcome every one to join us. We are happy also to help you find Halal food, find accommodation and things you need in Hsinchu.

      Location Map:

      Muslim Students Club in Hsinchu Page:

      Muslim Students Club (MSC) Group:

      Muslim Students Club (MSC) Blog:

      Hope these info are useful for you!

  7. Hi.

    My name is Raheel and I’ve been working in taiwan a little over 3 months.

    My Chinese isn’t great and I was hoping someone could help me with direction to the University. Hopefully this weekend sometime.

    I will be travelling north as I’m based in Zhunan. A timetable of jumat times would also be great.

    Kind regards. Raheel

  8. assalamualaikum
    my name is rizal i am from indonesia on july i will visit hsinchu as student exchange, i hope you can give me some the direction to reach your place may host for me
    thank you

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